Attendance Module

Managing Attendance is now very easy with SchoolsBee by Attendance module, where student and staff attendance enrollment can be captured accurately and maintained.

SchoolsBee Supports All Attendance Techniques:

  • Normal Attendance
  • Mobile Attendance
  • Biometric Attendance

Student attendance can be taken normally by selecting section and Attendance Mode like Morning, Afternoon, Evening or Subject wise. Whereas for Staff, attendance can be taken Department wise and Mode wise. We can take attendance for an individual Staffa also. Moreover, attendance for staff can also be taken with respect to Teaching and Non-Teaching staff. With Normal attendance process we can achieve

  • Easy marking of attendance
  • Note/Remark is provided for each and every attendance taken.

Schools Bee App Supports both Finger print and Access Card Attendance Usually we face many problems while taken attendance by using Bio-metric devices. But in Schools Bee Bio-metric device, there is no need of LAN Connection, No need to plug-in wires to port, and no headache of importing and Exporting Excel. We just have to take thumb impression or use Access Card, It Automatically Take Attendance Based on Attendance Time settings in Each And Every Mode of Attendance we can send SMS Alerts, Email Alerts, Voice calls for Present, Late, absent and Leave Students.

Now a day smart phones are very common, we developed mobile app in this main feature is mobile attendance, any authorized staff can easily download the app by using play store, app store etc.., Authorized staff has permission to take attendance, with their own mobile, very easly