Library Module

Library Module Features include:

  • Setup Library Building, Rooms
  • Setup Library Block or Rack with Unique Ids
  • Books Enrollment Bases on categories and sub categories And Physical placement of book with block or rack number to access the books instantly
  • Books Search
  • Book Issue with barcode or without
  • Book Return with barcode or without
  • Library In/Out Time Management
  • Library Id Card Generation with Barcode
  • Books Purchase & Sales management
  • Student or Staff can Request A Required Books
  • Access the library dashboard instantly to get information about no of books available, no of books issued and no of books damaged.
  • Get perfect book catalogue in student login to reserve the book of his choice in advance.
  • Get fine amount added to the student miscellaneous fee automatically in case of delayed book returns and damages.

Library Module related Reports:

  • Books list with Physical place
  • Book History Report
  • Student Books History Report
  • Staff Books History Report
  • Library In/Out Report
  • Library Fine Report
  • Book Issue, Book Return Report
  • Damaged books List
  • Books Purchase & Sales report
  • Required books List