Online Training and Examination

In this Module Authorized Staff can login and Create or Post there subjects Syllabus, Units, chapters, Question and Answers with respect to the classes and sections, By using this module faculty can easily explain their respective subject, so that the student can understand In a better way. These explanations are taken as Fair Notes and can forward to any particular student. With the help of video capturing method, faculty can upload and share the videos in his/her SchoolsBee account, so that student can view the lessons and learn the subject from home.

  • Faculty can upload and share Questions, answers, images, videos etc through his SchoolsBee account.
  • Students can login with his/her login credentials and can view the shared syllabus or lessons.
  • Online Exam: Authorized Staff can conduct online exams for a particular Student of Section or for a whole class, bases on the Questions and answers provided by staff.
  • During online Examination Process, online training is locked.
  • After completion of the exam, exam details and results are created and stored in exams module.